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Vergleiche Preise für I2c Lcd und finde den besten Preis. Super Angebote für I2c Lcd hier im Preisvergleich Best Online Price Comparison Site. We make Shopping Online Easy and Fun. Find and Compare Products from Leading Brands and Retailers at Product Shoppe LCD Custom Character Generator Support character lcd and create code for Arduino. Clear Invert. Link. Arduino LCD Circuit; Arduino LCD I2C Circuit; Arduino LCD I2C library; Color Green Blue. Microcontroller Arduino. Interfacing Parallel I2C. Data Type Binary Hex. Code. Open Source web tool By IOXhop.

In this tutorial, we will learn how to make custom characters on an I2C LCD display. Click here to refer to my previous blog and learn about the I2C LCD display basics. Custom characters are non-original figures created from original parts. You can create different figures such as hearts, squares, rectangles, and more. The I2C This type of LCD is ideal for displaying text and numbers, hence the name 'character LCD'. The I2C LCD that we are using in this tutorial comes with a small add-on circuit mounted on the back of the module. This module features a PCF8574 chip (for I2C communication) and a potentiometer to adjust the LED backlight. The advantage of an I2C.

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Umlaute als Custom Characters am LCD. Man könnte die Umlaute als Custom Characters definieren. Mit den 8 zur Verfügung stehenden Custom Characters kann man die großen und kleinen Umlaute sowie das ß unterbringen. Leider löst das noch nicht der einfachen Ausgabe. Ich wollte daher eine neue Library erstellen, die in der Lage ist mit den bekannten .print Anweisungen Umlaute und Sonderzeichen. PSoC® Creator™ Component Datasheet Character LCD with I2C Interface (I2C LCD) Document Number: 001-92579 Rev. ** Page 3 of 21 LCD Custom Character Set This parameter enables the selection of these options: None (Default) - Do not do anything with custom characters. Vertical Bar Graph - Generate custom characters and API to manipulate a vertical ba > Custom character I2C LCD; Print. Go Down. Pages: [1] Topic: Custom character I2C LCD (Read 3653 times) previous topic - next topic. Tomica. Newbie; Posts: 2; Karma: 0 ; Custom character I2C LCD. Apr 30, 2016, 08:55 pm. I'm trying to do some character. These are: space, I, II, III and IIII. The result is quite different. Where am I doing wrong? Quote. #include <Wire.h> #include <LiquidCrystal.

For today's tutorial, we will continue in that line and examine how to use the 20×4 I2C Character LCD Display with Arduino. 20×4 I2C LCD Display. The 20×4 LCD display is essentially a bigger (increased number of rows and columns) version of the 16×2 LCD display with which we have built several projects. The display has room to display 20 columns of characters on 4 rows which makes it. You can create any pattern you want and print it to the display as a custom character. Each character is an array of 5 x 8 pixels. Up to 8 custom characters can be defined and stored in the LCD's memory. This custom character generator will help you create the bit array needed to define the characters in the LCD memory I almost explained every thing above, about generating custom characters in 16×2 lcd CG-RAM and displaying them on lcd screen. But still their are few things which are not part of this tutorial. Like custom character address in CG-RAM. Its because the arduino ide has pre-defined library which places the custom characters in CG-RAM and call it when needed for display. If you want to know about. Creator™ Component Datasheet Character LCD with I2C Interface (I2C LCD) Document Number: 001-86626 Rev. *A Page 3 of 22 LCD Custom Character Set This parameter enables the selection of these options: None (Default) - Do not do anything with custom characters. Vertical Bar Graph - Generate custom characters and API to manipulate a vertical bar graph. Horizontal Bar Graph - Generate.

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Learn: how LCD I2C works, how to connect LCD I2C to Arduino, how to program Arduino step by step. The detail instruction, code, wiring diagram, video tutorial, line-by-line code explanation are provided to help you quickly get started with Arduino. Find this and other Arduino tutorials on ArduinoGetStarted.com class adafruit_character_lcd.character_lcd_i2c.Character_LCD_I2C (i2c, columns, lines, address=None, backlight_inverted=False) [source] ¶ Character LCD connected to I2C/SPI backpack using its I2C connection. This is a subclass of Character_LCD and implements all of the same functions and functionality. To use, import and initialise as follows Custom Character Generator for HD44780 LCD Modules. Select your pixels Arduino Code Click pixels to generate output The custom characters are self-made characters which we design by our self. In my previous blog post How to create a custom character on 16×2 LCD, I have described important registers and memory of HD44780. I have also explained how to interface alphanumeric LCD with 8051 microcontrollers, You can check this article to click the below.

4.Setup the LCD and initialize it. 5.Paste the variable below the LCD setup syntax and also rename as per your choice. 6.Define custom character and allocate a location to it using the syntax. lcd.createChar(location, name); 7.Write lcd.home(); 8.Set cursor and print custom character using the syntax. lcd.write(location) 9.upload the code With this command it is possible to display custom characters on the LCD. This will be especially in the case if the character that you would like to make is not not part of the ASCII characters. The LiquidCrystal library that we are going to use enables you to set up eight custom characters. These characters are drawn on your display with a 5. In this Arduino for beginners tutorial I'll teach you how to use an I2C LCD display. The Arduino for beginners tutorials series guides you through the world. arduino lcd custom characters. Hello there, fellow electronic enthusiasts, so ever wanted to create your own custom characters for your boring L.C.D. display and spice things up a little in display aspects of your project?If yes, then this Instructable is for you, let's get started. Step 1: Watch the Video ( arduino lcd custom characters Create a custom character (glyph) for use on the LCD. Up to eight characters of 5x8 pixels are supported (numbered 0 to 7). The appearance of each custom character is specified by an array of eight bytes, one for each row. The five least significant bits of each byte determine the pixels in that row. To display a custom character on the screen, write() its number. NB : When referencing custom.

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Every 1 custom character needs 8 CGRAM locations, because the dot format of LCD is 5×8. Every 1 CGRAM location can store 1 row of 5×8 dot format. So, for the first custom character pattern will be stored from address 0x40 to 0x47. After we write some pattern to CGRAM location, the CGRAM pointer is increased automatically. In the picture below, how the custom character patterns stored in. Design a Custom Character for an LCD. First off - this is not my original design. Bruno Maia / Icontexto.com built this originally. It's been a very useful tool, but in recent months, it's disappeared. I thought I'd just make a quickie re-build of it, so I copied the graphics from a saved screenshot and wrote some simple-minded Javascript to design the Custom Characters and emit Arduino.

in this video, we will learn to make CUSTOM CHARACTERS for our Liquid Crystal Display, to make your own Custom Characters, -Steps- 1. Define Custom Character.. Custom character generation for 16×2 character LCD. If you are finding characters on the display dull and unexciting, you can create your own custom characters (glyph) and symbols for your LCD. They are extremely useful when you want to display a character that is not part of the standard ASCII character set

Tutorial 15: I2C LCD- Custom Character - Arduino with Aara

  1. After understanding how to interface the i2c LCD with Arduino. You can be able to use this LCD in a number of applications especially where you need to use a number of other components which may limit the available I/O pins. I personally prefer using this kind of LCD in most of my projects as can be seen if you visit some of these posts: 4×4 KEYPAD WITH ARDUINO PASSWORD BASED SECURITY SYSTEM.
  2. Create Dot Art Icons for Arduino projects. This project may assist all those with Arduino Weather Stations to update Weather Icons (Or other Icons) on the LCD 16X2 or 20X4 et
  3. After including the library and creating the LCD object, the custom character arrays are defined. Each array consists of 8 bytes, 1 byte for each row. In this example 8 custom characters are created. // Make custom characters: byte Heart[] = { B00000, B01010, B11111, B11111, B01110, B00100, B00000, B00000 }
  4. LCD character displays are a simple and a cost-effective way to display a text. Thanks to the HD44780 controller, the control of the modules has become very simple. However, one must occupy many GPIOs for it. An alternative is the I2C data bus, which means that only two GPIOs are used. In this tutorial a [
  5. I was over the moon by something as simple as an LCD with some text. With Bas on Tech I want to share my knowledge so others can experience this happiness as well. I've chosen to make short, yet powerful YouTube videos with a the same structure and one subject per video
  6. Create LCD custom characters for 16×2 alphanumeric LCD; Interfacing of keypad with 8051; Electronic digital lock using the 8051; Interfacing of EEPROM with 8051 microcontrollers using I2C; Embedded c interview questions. 8051 Microcontroller Pin Diagram and Pin Description. Can protocol interview questions. 8051 Architecture
  7. class Character_LCD_RGB_I2C (Character_LCD_RGB): RGB Character LCD connected to I2C shield or Pi plate using I2C connection. This is a subclass of Character_LCD_RGB and implements all of the same functions and functionality. To use, import and initialise as follows:.. code-block:: python import board import busio from adafruit_character_lcd.character_lcd_rgb_i2c import Character_LCD_RGB_I2C.

Character I2C LCD with Arduino Tutorial (8 Examples

  1. It can be used to display data acquired from sensors, create an interactive menu, or as a debugging tool. You can even create your own custom characters to display! In this project, we'll be interfacing a 16×2 character LCD (in 4-bit mode) to the Arduino Uno Rev3 (Uno). This will require 6 digital output pins from the Uno to drive the LCD (4.
  2. Here is a simple project on how to build/generate/make custom characters in 16×2 lcd and then print/display them on lcd using microchip pic16f877 microcontroller. Character lcd contains a set of ascii characters and some Chinese characters in their controllers. We invoke the ascii characters present in the ram for displaying them on lcd. But if we want to display some special characters.
  3. CGRAM and Character Building As already explained, all character based LCD of type HD44780 has CGRAM area to create user defined patterns. For making custom patterns we need to write values to the CGRAM area defining which pixel to glow

Custom characters . Interfacing Diagram. Interfacing LCD 16x2 With ATmega 16/32 . Suppose, we decide to put Bell shape custom character at pattern number 1 then to store them in CGRAM following function is used Most of the alpha numeric LCD like 16x2 char or 16x4 char have ability to generate few custom characters. in this example i will show you how to make and display these custom characters on a 16x2 char lcd with Hitachi HD44780 lcd controller. HD44780 LCD can have upto 8 custom characters

I2C Interface: Getting Started with a J204A 20×4 display with I2C daughter board Creating custom characters. Introduction. HD44780 compatible LCDs come in many shapes and sizes and two very common ones are the 16×2 and 20×4 characters. Although most screens come with a back light some do not. And although the original interface is parallel some screens come with an I2C adapter/daughter. Your custom characters work with both the 16×2 and 20×4 LCD units. A custom character allows you to display any pattern of dots on a 5×8 matrix which makes up each character. You have full control of the design to be displayed. The example code sets up eight custom characters and displays them

photo-i2c.jpg . photo.jpg . pytest.ini . requirements-dev.txt . rplcd-tests . setup.cfg . setup.py . View code README.rst RPLCD. A Python 3/2 Raspberry PI Character LCD library for the Hitachi HD44780 controller. It supports both GPIO (parallel) mode as well as boards with an I²C port expander (e.g. the PCF8574 or the MCP23008). This library is inspired by Adafruit Industries' CharLCD library. Hi James, This is THE BEST LCD buffer tutorial I've followed, and have it working well. I have a question regarding custom characters. Is it possible to have custom characters generated already inserted into a buffer line? For example: I have a special buffer declared as follows: byte partFillBoxChar[8] = {0b11111, 0b10001, 0b10001, 0b11111.

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Arduino: Deutsche Umlaute am LCD (Liquid Crystal I2C

RaspberryPi I2C LCD Python stuff. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Skip to content. All gists Back to GitHub Sign in Sign up Sign in Sign up {{ message }} Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. DenisFromHR / RPi_I2C_driver.py. Last active Nov 15, 2020. Star 97 Fork 52 Star Code Revisions 2 Stars 97 Forks 52. Embed. What would you like to do? Embed Embed this gist in. We sell tons of lovely character LCDs for use with Arduino, they are extremely common and a fast way to have your project show status messages. This tutorial will show how you can easily connect a character LCD, either 16x2 or 20x4 I have an I2C LCD screen provided with a Sunfounder kit and certainly built by DFRobot or such a constructor (there is nothing written on the LCD), and an Arduino Uno R3 copy. My issue is when I use lcd.print() to write a string on the LCD, only the first character of the string is printed. I can only print on other positions by using setCursor.

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Orient Display offers character LCDs in sizes 8x1-8x2-12x2-16x1-16x2-16x4-20x1-20x2-20x4-24x2-24x4-40x2. Custom character intelligent LCD display available Generating custom characters or special character images and displaying on lcds of any sizes (16×1,16×2,8×1,8×2,20×1,20×2,40×1,40×2 etc) is not a very hard task. One must go through the internal structure of lcd control set in order to know how the character lcd works? Once you know how the lcd works and what features it offers. Then you can easily build and display characters of your.

Do More with LCD Custom Character. lcd. print function supports only ASCII characters. If you want to display a special character or symbol (e.g. heart, angry bird), you need to use the below character generator. LCD 16x2 can display 32 characters (2 rows and 16 columns). Each character is composed of 40 pixels (8 rows and 5 columns) This is I2C interface 16x2 LCD display module, a high-quality 2 line 16 character LCD module with on-board contrast control adjustment, backlight and I2C communication interface. For Arduino beginners, no more cumbersome and complex LCD driver circuit connection. The real significance advantages of this I2C Serial LCD module will simplify the circuit connection, save some I/O pins on Arduino. Monochrome STN LCD, I2C, LCD Display Panels | AMC1602AR-B-B6WTDW-I2C (16x2 Character LCD Module - I2C Interface) | Highest Quanlity, Lowest Price! Contact Orient Display today for your custom projects In this simple tutorial we wwill learn how to use a 20x4 I2C Character LCD display with Arduino Uno to display a simple text Hello World. Find this and other hardware projects on Hackster.io We sell tons of lovely character LCDs for use with Arduino, they are extremely common and a fast way to have your project show status messages.This tutorial will show how you can easily connect a character LCD, either 16x2 or 20x4. The LCDs we sell at Adafruit have a low power LED backlight, run on +5v and require only 6 data pins to talk to

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The I2C 1602 LCD module is a 2 line by 16 character display interfaced to an I2C daughter board. The I2C interface only requires 2 data connections, +5 VDC and GN For more Example codes like scrolling text and adding custom character please refer our previous article where we explained them along with the code. here. Method 2:Interfacing 16X2 LCD module with ESP 32 using I2C adapter. In this method we are using an I2C adapter which is connected to LCD display with 16 pins and outputs only 4 pins, 2 for data and another 2 for power and ground. The I2C. Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits RGB LCD Shield Kit w/ 16x2 Character Display - Only 2 pins used! [NEGATIVE DISPLAY] ID: 714 - This new Adafruit shield makes it easy to use a 16x2 Character LCD. We really like the RGB LCDs we stock in the shop both the RGB negative and RGB positive. Unfortunately, these LCDs do require quite a few digital pins, 6 to control the LCD. HD44780 Character LCD. Almost all character LCDs currently available are compatible with the HD44780 driver IC. It can work in either 8 or 4 bit modes, however most microcontrollers choose to save IO by using the 4 bit mode. Support for this display is included in the HD44780 (About Modules) module. Simple Example I2C. If you have one of the LCDs with an I2C backpack (containing a PCF8574 8.

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Es sind nunmehr 4 PINs am IIC I2C Modul zu belegen (statt 16 PINs) damit mit dem Display kommuniziert werden kann. Das ist besonders für größere Projekte sinnvoll. LCD Modul 4×20 am Arduino UNO. Es ist in dem Bild ein kleiner Drehpotentiometer (blau) zu erkennen, über diesen lässt sich die Helligkeit des Displays regeln. LCD 4×20 Display. To display custom characters on LCD, we must first know about the LCD dot matrix means pixels in LCD. There are 5 pixels in rows and 8 pixels in columns means every character is a combination of 5*8 dots. The LiquidCrystal library enables you to create up to eight custom characters, which can be printed as character codes 0 through 8. Each character on the screen is drawn on a grid of 5 x 8. LCD03 is an Arduino library for I2C control of the LCD03 20x4 and 16x2 serial LCD modules from Robot Electronics, see the datasheet for details. It aims to maintain compatibility with the Arduino LiquidCrystal library (version 0017 onwards) , though some features of LiquidCrystal are ommited and additonal features are provided. It supports all features of the LCD03 including custom characters. In the previous chapter, we have discussed how a character LCD is interfaced with a PIC microcontroller in 8-bit mode, where we used predefined characters stored in the LCD to display our data.In this article, we will learn more about the LCD and how we can create and use custom characters. LCD Storage Memory. The LCD that we use has a Hitachi HD44780 LCD controller

Control i2c lcd screens with a Raspberry Pi module with using PCF8574 I2C port expander. Overview. For use on a Raspberry Pi, raspberrypi-liquid-crystal is a node.js library for accessing LCD character displays using I2C via a PCF8574 port expander, typically found on inexpensive LCD I2C backpacks Hi, I'm trying to make a custom character and display it on a 16x2 HD44870 LCD screen using 4-bit mode. I'm using AVR Studio 4 and Peter Fleury's LCD library with the ATmega128. LCD Library online hel LCD05 - I2C/Serial LCD Technical Documentation . Overview The I2C and serial display driver provides easy operation of a standard 20 x 4 or 16 x 2 LCD Text display. It requires only a 5v power supply and the two data connections for either mode, freeing up pins on your processor. Many useful text formatting functions are provided and also the ability to put together custom characters into. Hello everyone I've been trying to develop some custom characters on my LCD screen with an I2C backpack. I have spent a fair amount of time trying to isolate the issue and resolve it but have drawn a blank an help will be much appreciated. When I simply use the LIQUIDCRYSTAL_I2C_SPARK library which is public available for all users to display text it works fine. When I attempt to use.

How to Setup an I2C LCD on the Raspberry Pi - Circuit Basic

Let's see how to use the Arduino 20x4 Character LCD. It is a very big and easy to use display! It is ideal for beginners and very inexpensive SainSmart IIC/I2C/TWI Serial 2004 Character 20x4 LCD Display Modul Shield für Arduino UNO Mega2560 Duemilanove R3 AVR ATMEL Robot - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt bei Amazon.de bestellen

B4R Code Snippet Define LCD custom characters for HD44780 controllers and compatible. Thread starter tigrot; Start date Nov 30, 2017; Similar threads B4R Tutorial Arduino + Raspberry Pi B4R Tutorial Big/Large Alphanumeric Characters(LCD1602) B4R Tutorial LCD Bar Graph B4R Tutorial LCD Clock example B4R Tutorial Digital Clock and Alarm without using a RTC. tigrot Well-Known Member. Licensed. I'm currently trying to create a custom character on my 16x2 LED Pi Plate with Adafruits CharLCDPlate Library (Python). # Initialize the LCD plate. Should auto-detect correct I2C bus. If not, # pass '0' for early 256 MB Model B boards or '1' for all later versions lcd = Adafruit_CharLCDPlate() # Clear display and show greeting, pause 1 sec lcd.clear() lcd.message(Hello World!) sleep(5.

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Anleitung zum LCD Display mit I2C Anschluss Mit einem LCD-Display kann man Buchstaben und Ziffern darstellen. Dies ist in vielen Anwendungen nützlich, zum Beispiel um Messwerte oder auch Menüs darzustellen. Mit Hilfe des LCD lassen sich aber auch Daten darstellen, wenn kein Computer am Arduino-Mikrocontrolle LCD_ENTRYLEFT = 0x02: LCD_ENTRYSHIFTINCREMENT = 0x01: LCD_ENTRYSHIFTDECREMENT = 0x00 # flags for display on/off control: LCD_DISPLAYON = 0x04: LCD_DISPLAYOFF = 0x00: LCD_CURSORON = 0x02: LCD_CURSOROFF = 0x00: LCD_BLINKON = 0x01: LCD_BLINKOFF = 0x00 # flags for display/cursor shift: LCD_DISPLAYMOVE = 0x08: LCD_CURSORMOVE = 0x00: LCD_MOVERIGHT.

I2CLCD, HD44780 LCD Ansteuerung über I2C Bus; I²C-Interface. Beitrag i2c usb interface Diskussion zu Interfaces für Linux; USB4ALL bei sprut.de universeller USB-Baustein, auch für I2C (5V, CDC/Virtual-Comport) Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter, Universeller Adapter für I2C und SPI; USB-I2C-Interface Komplettbausatz von ELV (5V, Virtual-Comport) i2c-tiny-usb Open Source/Hardware (5V, Linux. I2C LCD With Keypad - Dark Blue On White. The CFA533-***-KC series is a 16x2 I2C LCD with keypad. The I2C interface allows you to use just two lines (SDA & SCL) to have bi-directional communication with the I2C LCD. Other devices can also share those two I2C control lines with the LCD. Only 4 wires are needed to connect this I2C LCD: power. In summary, in this tutorial we've shown you how to use an I2C LCD display with the ESP32/ESP8266 with Arduino IDE: how to display static text, scrolling text and custom characters. This tutorial also works with the Arduino board, you just need to change the pin assignment to use the Arduino I2C pins I2C LCD 1602 Display x 1 F/M jumpers USB Cable x 1 PC x 1 Software. Arduino IDE (version 1.6.4+) LiquidCrystal_I2C.h; About I2C LCD 1602 Display. The integration of an LCD display greatly facilitates the interactivity of the project you are developing, allowing the user to directly read some output parameters. These values can be either a.

LCD i2c (Lib+Info+CustomCharacters) - Tutorials - Particl

SUNLIKE offers character LCD modules in formats of 8x1, 8x2, 10x1, 10x4, 16x1, 16x2, 16x4, 20x2, 20x4, 24x2, 40x2, 40x4, 68x4 by 5x8 dot matrix character, with LCD panel options of TN, STN, FSTN & DFSTN. The polarizer can be positive/ negative mode, while LED backlight is available in color yellow-green, red, blue, white, etc LCD02 - I2C/Serial LCD Technical Documentation . Overview The I2C and serial display driver provides easy operation of a standard 20*4 LCD Text display. It requires only a 5v power supply and the two data connections for either mode, freeing up pins on your processor. Many useful text formatting functions are provided (described below) and also the ability to put together custom characters. Custom lcd display module description: Maclight custom LCD is special for customer unique application requirement,We could custom made LCD based on difference LCD display mode, including TN, STN, FSTN,FFSTN custom LCD display And Custom,Character,Graphic LCD module.Module resolutions in COB and COG type custom lcd dimensions, custom lcd display pattern, custom lcd structurer, custom tft lcd.

LCD Display Tutorial for Arduino, ESP8266 and ESP32 - DIYI0

Buy Generic IIC I2C Serial 1602 16x2 Character LCD Module Display Blue for Arduino online at low price in India on Amazon.in. Check out Generic IIC I2C Serial 1602 16x2 Character LCD Module Display Blue for Arduino reviews, ratings, features, specifications and browse more Generic products online at best prices on Amazon.in I'm trying to use some Python code to write text on a 16x2 LCD display (compatible with classics Hitachi HD44780) connected to a RaspberryPi model B+ via an I2C back-pack. This I2C board has In this tutorial we are going to interface LCD 20×4 Display with STM32 using I2C. I am using STM32F103C8 microcontroller and I2C device is PCF8574 with the slave address of 0x4E.. You can use the same code for any other LCD display Type (i.e 16×2, 16X4 etc), except the DDRAM addresses.You can google the addresses for your LCD Type

20x4 lcd,20x4 lcd display,lcd display 20x4 - ChinaOpen18F4520 PIC evaluation development board

Character LCD I2C Library for Arduino With I²C Display Module , you can easily connect character LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) to your Arduino via I²C protocol, thus saving a lot of valuable pins usually used for parallel connection (at least 6 pins: 2 control pins - RS and EN - and 4 data pins D7, D6, D5, and D4 for 4-bit mode) So that's how you can Display any Custom Character on 16x2 LCD using PIC Microcontroller with MPLABX and XC8 compiler. Also check our complete PIC Microcontroller Learning Series here. Code. #define _XTAL_FREQ 20000000. #define RS RD2 #define EN RD3 #define D4 RD4 #define D5 RD5 #define D6 RD6 #define D7 RD7. #include <xc.h> #pragma config FOSC = HS // Oscillator Selection bits (HS. DFRobot Gravity I2C 16x2 Arduino LCD with RGB Font Display use universal Gravity I2C interface, it means only two communication lines, you can realize communication and backlight control. The LCD screen can display 2x16 characters, support screen scrolling, cursor movement and other functions. Through dedicated Arduino library, you can complete all the design without cumbersome wiring and. Each LCD controller is capable of operating up to 80 characters so the text LCD display with the 20x4 format is the largest. There are even larger text LCD displays such as 40x4 using several LCD controllers but they are too rare. Initially, text LCD displays communicate with microcontrollers such as Arduino using parallel 4 or 8-bit interfaces. Some manufacturers add shift registers and port.

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